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Changing diapers when the baby is asleep

We all know how hard it is to make our new born fall asleep. With the whole family as a choir and all the lullabies up in the air to lull the baby to sleep and hoorah its a grand success that the baby is now fast asleep. Now karma begins to work. The baby has pooped in the diapers. Now should the diapers be changed? The invariable answer is “YES, THE DIAPER HAS TO BE CHANGED”.

Breast feeding babies often poop and even though their poop is not much irritating but leaving the diapers unchanged for new born for longer hours will lead to a severe diaper rash given the fact that the baby’s skin are tenderly soft and delicate.

If your child has started to take solid foods the stools would irritate the baby’s skin and it is not advisable to leave the diapers unchanged. Leaving diapers unchanged for older babies is still a risk since they would stuck their arm into the diapers to scratch the itch. If your baby pees in the diaper changing it would depend upon how fill the diaper is and when it has pooped no matter what change it asap.

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