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About Us

Cute Seal is a Canadian Brand for Baby Diapers. It is Fluorescence and Fragrance Free. It is Hypoallergenic and is free from Parabens & Latex. Besides such dreamy characteristics it is ultra-thin with a  surround waist feature which facilitates babies to breathe easily. With a 3D tailoring and double anti-sliding sideways Cute Seal also uses the most advanced imported polymer SAP with excellent reversed permeation to bring a comfortable experience to your baby.

Dry, Clean, Hygienic and a Comfortable Sleep

Cute Seal ensures there is no leakage in diaper. The unique innovative ultra-thin core design can protect moisture from leaking and keep the diaper dry for a long time. The big pearl vent holes serves as a sink hole and can quickly discharge stuffiness and dampness even if the absorbed dose is large. 

Top-notch Soft Surfaces
The surface layer is made from materials carefully selected from Canada to give babies an ultra soft feel.

Super Suction Inner Layer
The 5-layered inner padding absorbs and locks liquid at a high speed and maintains its original structure to keep babies and parents well rested throughout the night.

Smart Sidewalls
The smooth and sturdy side walls automatically flip outward stop leaking when babies move around.

Liquid Indicators
Three lines will magically appear when diapers are full of liquid and when it needs to be changed.

Performance Pearl Surface Layer
The pearl shaped surface layer reduces the contact areas with babies’ skin for superior comfort.

3M Sticky Pads
3M made sticky pads come in a wrinkle free “S” shape to reduce scraping against babies’ skin.

Wide Waist Wraps
The extra wide waist wraps hugs baby's waistlines and allow for flexibility during movements.

Best Breathability
The silky bottom layer vents moist to keep babies dry.

***All Cute Seal products have passed stringent tests for quality and received numerous international certifications, such as authoritative Swiss SGS test, CE environmental protection certification of EU, as well as with FDA.***