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Materials and Layers in Baby Diapers

Diapers are layers of different materials to retain urine and to provide comfort to babies. What materials are used in manufacturing of diapers is an important factor to be considered while purchasing any diaper. When it comes to cute seal diapers the diapers are made of naturally bio-degradable materials and would add more to the comfort of the diapers when compared to any other diapers in the market. Let us see each layer of material that goes in to the making of cute seal diapers.

Heart Shaped Etched Perforated Cotton Fabric:- This is the layer that is found on the top of the inner side of the diaper. This is the layer that would be in direct contact with the baby’s skin. The catch here is that this is so designed that the layer doesn’t come into much contact with the baby’s skin so as to cause any abrasion. The reason for perforation is to quickly absorb the urine without leaving any time to cause wetness on the baby’s skin while urinating inside the diaper. The perforation increases the rate of absorption thereby reducing chances of any rashes.

Perforated Non-woven fabric bottom layer:- This is the second layer from the inside that functions as a barrier preventing the wetness from oozing out, this is also the eight layer the outermost on the diaper. This layer wraps the other layers of diapers between it.

Sustainable wood pulp:- This layer hugs the fast absorption polymer and the locking polymer in place. This is to enhance the absorption rate and pass it on to the next layer that seats the SAP within. This is the layer that would turn pale brown indicating that it is an old diaper or a diaper manufactured using an old pulp.

Fast Absorption polymer or the SAP and the Locking Polymer: - This is the primary and the most important material in the diaper that not only absorbs the liquid but would expand and retain the liquid from any further movement. This is capable of retaining liquid thousand times its own weight. The locking polymer not only traps the liquids within but would not let the diaper go soggy. Also this layer would ensure that the liquid doesn’t ooze out on any movement by the baby or any amount of pressure exerted by the baby on to the diaper because of its movements.

Apart from these layers the diaper has other awesome features like the wetness indicator which is primarily a litmus paper that turns blue when coming into contact with liquids. The 3M bands facilitate easy disposal of diaper. The diapers are manufactured from pure cotton and it doesn’t contain any materials that are bleached or recycled.


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