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History of Diapers and Diapering

We are going to brood over the history of baby diapers and diapering with an approach that even before diapers were invented or used or patented in the commercial sense diapering was done without even knowing that what was done was an invention and a process that would become an essential word in a toddlers life and a chore of parenting that could not be shirked and this invention would be one amongst the million products people would buy online.

Who would care as to when these diapers were invented or the timeline involved when our little cuties had miles to go potty training and that too when it was in the middle of the night. Just like anywhere else cultures and climates played a pivotal role in humans adopting this diapering process. Before we give a serious thought on these diapers let us look at the question whether diapers are essential or not. We have evolved ourselves into more than just being human beings. To understand the need for diapers let us just gaze at scenarios what if diapers weren’t invented in the first place. Our floors, beds, cradles, swaddles, dress, furniture, carpets, pets, footwear will all become nasty, soiled and it would be frustrating cleaning them. Just like necessity is the mother of invention here the necessity to be free from frustration led to the invention of diaper. It is not definitely the babies necessity it was the caretaker or the parents necessity. So at the first place diapers were invented because parenting wasn’t easy until our kids are potty trained.

Diapers were made of cloths, grass, rabbit skin, kimonos and even peat moss were used for an absorbant with the modern SAP (Super Absorbant Polymer) now playing a crucial role. In some cultures communicational cues were looked into before the babies would start to eliminate. We do not know whether the babies baba-ed or booh-booed to the caretaker before eliminating. Diapers have in fact come a long way from being bare bottoms to using peat moss to the modern SAP from boiling cloth diapers to ordering baby diapers online.

Who would have imagined the invention of safety pins were in fact for the safety of the furniture and personal belongings of the household. Safety pins were used initially to keep the cloth diapers wrapped in place around the baby. With cloth diapers wrapped around the babies things started to take another turn. The cloth diapers leaked. The diapers were let on a bin that smelled and caused infections when re-used. They were boiled before reuse. So the women who had hard time cleaning the baby and protecting the furniture and personal belongings now had to take care of the diapers by boiling them and sun-dry them before using it again. It was the industrial revolution may be the use and throw revolution that “solved this problem" (?) of dealing with these diapers. Even diaper services were in vogue where diapers would be delivered at your doorstep along with your daily provisions.

Before plunging into the advent of next generation of diapers let us look at what happened to our babies. Diaper rash, chaffed skin for reasons of trapped wetness caused concern and now this necessity coupled with the women getting themselves equipped to inflate the workforce again led to refining the diapers into disposable diapers. Relieving women from constantly changing baby nappies and incessantly washing them the disposable diapers were a boon to them. What went into the making of these diapers ranged from wool, nylon blends, cotton with features like organic, environmental friendly, bio-degradable, hybrid, twin pocketed, printed and promising leak proof, rash free diapers which would indicate wetness level, guarantee breathability, being soft on the babies skin, super absorption by using cellulose from wood pulp that absorbs liquid.

All said and done diapers has become an essential part of parenting and just like all inventions have other un-intentional side or side effect of such invention the need and use of diapers cannot be just wished away only because of such side effects in these modern times as they can be easily prevented by choosing the right diaper and using it properly not as intended but as instructed.We are not disputing as to who invented the baby diaper or its timeline nor do we intend to debate as to who deserves credit and who deserves none regardless of we like it or not, parenting without using baby diapers is becoming rare across cultures and countries.

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