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What is diaper breathability or breathing diapers?

Well in order to answer this there are few other basic things that we basically need to know. The diapers are mostly made of cotton and the portion that retains urine is called the SAP or the pulp which is placed in the inner portion of the diaper. Studies show that the temperature of human urine is on an average 98.6°F or 37°C. When babies urinate in the diaper the first thing that happens is the diaper layer absorbs the urine at a rate based on the quality of the pulp or the SAP. This is where when the rate of absorption of the diaper is low the skin becomes wet and rashes could develop.

Now when the urine is absorbed by the diaper, apart from retaining it within the diaper what happens is some diapers that don’t have the breathability feature retains the warmth thereby causing the skin around the genital area and the upper part of the thighs to be under a different temperature than other areas and would develop irritation and thereby creating a scenario for rashes to develop. The SAP in the diaper would absorb, retain the liquid and the nature of the diaper is to evenly distribute the liquid all through the diaper. This being so the liquid retains the warmth within the diaper but on the the other hand a diaper that has this breathability feature would transfer the warmth to the outer layer of the diaper through billions of tiny pores thereby retaining the urine alone within but transferring the warmth to the outer layer of the diaper. Cute Seal Diapers comes with this unique breathability feature. The breathability feature is more or less like ventilation that augments air circulation thereby maintaining a comfortable temperature around the skin that is covered by diapers. When this breathability doesn’t happen or occur, apart from the risk of causing rashes, the warmth that is retained in the diaper is trapped inside and it causes the diaper to quickly become soggier. This is also one of the main tests carried out by certifying agencies when testing diapers. This can be visualised by an example where you take a cute seal diaper of any style and size. Place it on a black coloured mat with the inside portion opned on the top. Now boil 100 ml of water and pour the hot boiling water on the inner portion of the cute seal diaper. What happens is the diaper would absorb the water quickly and the warmth is instantly transferred to the outer layer of the diaper. If you lift the diaper a bit the black mat placed underneath the diaper would be wet and that is an indication of the warmth or the vapour emanating from the absorbed boiling water has condensed on coming into contact with the room temperature. This should not be mistaken for leakage of diapers as it should be remembered that what was poured on the the diaper was boiling water and it is no resembelance of urine's temperature. If you try the same thing with normal water this breathability eature would not be VISIBLE. This experiment is to demonstarte the breathability feature of cute seal diapers.

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